According to legend, the cyclops was a terrifying giant with a single humongous eyeball, enormous strength and an appetite for the raw flesh of living prey - including humans. Some of these evil creatures worked underground swinging their giant hammers and causing earthquakes. Other cyclopes raised animals and feasted on them.

Look Me in the Eye: This beast's strangest feature is its single eye. Set in the middle of the monster's forehead, it gave the cyclops a broad view of its territory.
Blacksmiths of the Gods: In Greek mythology, cyclopes were often the creators of great weapons for the gods. These creatures made Hades' helmet, Posedion's trident and Zeus' all-powerful lightning bolt.

Caution: Giants at Work

Cyclops Back Image

Cyclopes worked under volcanoes.

As cyclopes created massive weapons in their underground workshops, natural disasters sprang up around them. The banging of their gigantic hammers created earthquakes, and volcanoes erupted from the heat generated by the molten lava in their furnaces. Any humans who dared enter the workshops were crushed by the beasts and then eaten.

Hit the Showers: The cyclopes were extremely hairy creatures and weren't big on baths. The hair on their heads and on the rest of their bodies, including their beards, was infested with lice and other insects.
We Built this City: Legend has it that the ancient cities of Mycenae and Tiryns were built by cyclopes. The rocks of the city walls were so huge that no human could have lifted them.

Get the Point?

Polyphemus was a nasty cyclops that would trap humans in his cave and eat them. His mistake was to capture the Greek hero Odysseus. One night, the cyclops drank too much wine and passed out. Odysseus sharpened a stick and heated it into a fire. Odysseus then thrust the stick into Polyphemus' eye and blinded the beast, allowing him and his men to escape.

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